Thursday, November 27, 2008

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http://http// During 2000-2001, EDC's research focused on understanding the process of implementing this model in a wide range of local contexts. This work also identified the factors that contribute to successful implementation:Local understanding of the program vision and goalsStrength of local leadership and local initiativeStability of youth attendanceAdequate, reliable on-site technical know-how.Research suggests that Clubhouses are moving along a developmental progression, building their programs over time, at different rates, and in different ways.In 2002, EDC published the results of a second study focused on understanding the impact of this program on young people. This study examined the work that young people are producing in four Intel Computer Clubhouses. It described whether and how these young people are engaging with the program goals and the specific qualities of Clubhouses that best support young people as they build technological fluency.Learn more* >

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