Friday, January 2, 2009

Intel Extends its World Ahead Initiatives in Egypt

Intel Chairman Unveils Middle East and Africa's First Intel Assembly Agreement, Launches Technology Development Lab and Higher Education Initiative at Nile University
CAIRO, Egypt, Dec. 1, 2008 – Marking a first for Africa and the Arab world, Intel Corporation Chairman Craig Barrett announced that Intel motherboards, a key component for computers, will be assembled in Egypt for shipment across Africa. He also opened a research lab for developing micro-electronics and for teaching new generations of engineers and designers.
The arrangement with a local hardware manufacturer is part of Intel's ongoing effort to advance Egypt's technological, industrial and economic development. The Egyptian government gave the plan its full support in an agreement signed today between Intel, Metra Computer and Egypt's Information Technology Industry development Authority (ITIDA).
Barrett was on hand for the signing ceremony at Nile University (NU), a private institution that focuses on supporting a vibrant, technology-driven economy in Egypt. Also while at NU, Barrett dedicated a new technology development lab donated by Intel, and he announced a second agreement in which Intel and NU will work together to support Egypt's higher education initiatives.
"Intel has made a sustained commitment to help Egypt's government develop its information technology industry," said Barrett, who is making his third visit to Egypt on behalf of the Intel World Ahead Program. "We believe that the cooperative programs we put in place today will lead to further successes in achieving the country's economic objectives such as teaching technology skills at a young age."
Barrett, who also chairs the United Nations Global Alliance for ICT and Development, noted that Intel's move to enable motherboard assembly in Egypt aligns closely with goals outlined in the government's Egypt 2010 strategic plan. Those goals include stimulating the economy, attracting technology-related business, and developing a thriving export industry for information technology (IT).

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